Borghese Eclissare ColorStruck Lip Stick Part 1

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So, I have three lipsticks from the Eclissare ColorStruck Collection to show you. There are 12 colors in total and I was sent 6 in total to share with you. I decided to break them up so you can really get to know each of them. I have become a really big fan of Borghese products in the past year. I think they have such great quality products from their lipsticks to their brushes to their hair products. I just think they put such great care into their products and really shows.

So without further ado, here are three beautiful colors....


This is a hot strawberry pink with a lot of gold shimmer throughout. I love this color. I think it shows more red in the packaging then it does on my lips so that is why I added that pink in the description.
On me, it really leans towards a pinkish color because I really do have pink lips to begin with.
I love this color and Borghese describes this along with the other 11 as a vibrant, color-saturated lip creme. Multi- dimensional infusion of pigment and pearl for a fuller lip illusion.


This color is bright pink with a gold shimmer. I looooove this color! I think it is a super sexy Barbie pink color. The shimmer is truly awesome in this color. I just love how bright it is!

You can purchase this for $25 and it comes with the Borghese Beautiful Guarantee. Totally worth it with this color!


This color does not have a shimmer in it, so if you are the type of person that wants something with a little less sass, this is for you. Release is a brownish red color in the packaging but leans a little red on my skin tone.
As you can see, it came out a little bit on the red end for me since I have those Mrs Pinky lips underneath it all. I love this color for an everyday color at work. It's kind of like secretary sexy to me.
It pooled a little dark for me at my bow, but overall I like this color. I always like sassy, but this is a nice neutral/nude tone for me.

Do you have a favorite out of these three? Have you used any Borghese products before? What do you think?


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